houeland / Eleron's KoL log uploader

For spading how game mechanics work, it's very useful to have a large collection of logs, particularly for once-per-ascension events since every ascension will only provide one data point. By uploading your logs on this page, you'll help spading by assisting in creating such a collection. Every log is useful, whether it's a very slow and lazy run or your fastest ascension :)


The preferred format is compressed detailed kolproxy logs, which reliably include where you adventure.

To upload kolmafia session logs, make sure that all the “Session Logs” preferences are set except “Log adventures remaining instead of adventures used”. Then create a zip file with logs from your kolmafia “sessions” directory, select it below and click on the submit button. That's all, thanks for helping =)

(If you zipped a lot of logs at once and the zip file is larger than 5 mb, try zipping just half the files at a time and upload twice.)

Choose zip file to upload:
Then click submit to send the file:

Uploading may take a while, after it's done it'll say “Thanks for uploading!” in big green letters if everything went well.

Big thanks to smorgas, slaphappy snark, smackyfoot, fred nefler, JiK4eva, extirpator, bottomer, smilegirl, angelsakura7, nomen nescio, natnit and others for helping so far!