houeland / Eleron's KoL nuns calculator

Leprechaun weight: (Used for +meat%)
Base weight: (Used for familiar leveling (set to 0 to disable for e.g. hatrack))
Nimble Fingers (+20%) [Passive skill]
Gnefarious Pickpocketing (+10%) [Passive skill]
Expert Panhandling (+10%) [Passive skill]
Thrift and Grift (+10%) [Passive skill]
Polka of Plenty (+50%) [AT song]
Disco Nirvana (+30%) [DB combo]
Winklered (+40%) [Frat Boy arena]
Knob Goblin nasal spray (+30%) [Cobb's Knob laboratory shop]
Dances with Tweedles (+40%) [The Mad Tea Party]
Polka Pop (+55%) [Stocking Mimic drop]
3x UPC sticker (+75%) [Tome summon]
red snowcone (+50%) [Tome summon]
pink candy heart (+20%) [Libram summon]
Preternatural Greed (+100%) [Summoning Chamber]
glimmering buzzard feather (+60%) [Llama gong]
cranberry cordial (+10%) [Advanced Saucecrafting]
blackberry polite (+20%) [The Way of Sauce]
tempura cauliflower (+100%) [Softcore pull]
Love songs (not calculated)

Note: The calculator assumes that the selected buffs are active for the entire duration of the quest - they are equivalent to adding the bonus to the +meat% total above.